All appointments will be virtual using Zoom.  

The primary focus of my private practice is for parents who need support navigating the demands of parenting.  These challenges can be related to a number of factors including parent mental health, a child with more challenging behaviors, difficulties between parents, and/or navigating the multiple daily demands parents experience.  

Individual Mental Health Therapy 
Develop skills to help you navigate the demands of your life and make changes to help you live more inline with the life that you want for yourself and your family.

Emotion Regulated Parenting 
Develop an increased nonjudgemental awareness of how emotions can negatively impact parenting if we are unaware and reacting to them on autopilot versus responding intentionally.
Develop skills to more successfully regulate emotions so that you can parent more effectively.

Parent Behavior Management Training 
Develop skills to increase positive connection with your child.
Develop skills to support your child with increasing their emotion regulation and problem solving.
Develop skills to manage disruptive and noncompliant behavior.


Fees:  Individual session:  60 minutes $180

Form of payment:  Debit, Credit Card or Health Savings Accounts 

Insurance:  I will provide an itemized statement to submit to your insurance carrier.  Many insurance companies provide an out of network benefit and may reimburse you.  I am not currently accepting insurance.

Cancellation Policy:  Appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours of your appointment.  Cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment will be charged the full session fee.