About Sam

Hello. My name is Dr. Sam McGinnis.  
You can call me Sam.

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist.
In addition to my private practice, I am a Clinical Psychologist at Seattle Children's Hospital. My work is focused on children, adolescents and their parents or caregivers. I have extensive experience working with challenges related to disruptive behavior, ADHD, anxiety, depression and other mood or neurodevelopmental difficulties. Simply put, I work with parents who have difficult interactions with their child.

Being a parent can be exhausting.  I am a father of two children, one with ADHD.  The struggle to be the parent I want to be and create the relationship I want with my children is real.   

As parents, we have to navigate a seemingly impossible amount of demands.  In addition to parenting we are managing work, co-parenting, trying to stay aware of what is happening at school, figuring out what is for dinner, making sure the instrument was brought on band day, remembering if it’s an early release day, taxiing to various extracurricular activities, struggling with the guilt of using screen time again to occupy your child while you are trying to catch up on work or your many to-do lists, and walking by the pile of laundry while listening to the podcast that is telling you to make “self-care” a priority.  Add a child who needs more of your time and energy, multiply by 7 and this is your week, your month, your life with your children.  

If you are struggling to be the parent you want to be, I can help you develop skills to be a more effective parent.